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Website Design and Development

Any website needs to be designed and built with your business and its market as the lead drivers – How visitors view your website, including how intuitive the navigating is, the colours, use of images and of course how quickly the can see ‘benefit’ in using your services is absolutely critical in your online success.

This is why every website we design and build is a custom site, and we will never use a theme or template, as this is in our opinion not giving you what you need, and provides you with no competitive advantage.


Drupal, Joomla and WordPress

It is our view that you should be provided the opportunity to be in control

Every one of our websites and e-commerce sites are built with easy to use CMS (content management systems) which allows you as the site owner to login to the backend admin panel and make as many image and text changes as you wish, as often as you wish, without the need to know any coding (if you need us to do this for you by the way, that’s fine, we are more than happy to!)

Your project manager during the development and at handover, will walk you through the backend admin panel, so that the day you take delivery, you will be confident and proficient enough to run your site without our help.

WordPress is a great platform to use if you are looking for an easy to use blog that’s integrated into your site. Chances are, if you have read a blog online, that blog or article will be powered by WordPress.

Selling Goods and Services Online?

We design and build stunning eCommerce stores, providing you with a stunning virtual storefront.

The art of building a sales converting e-commerce site goes deeper than just using attractive images, prices and sales copy – it is built to increase conversions via buyer behavior analysis, its use of technology and presentation that allows a visitors to enjoy interactive activities, including how they can view products, share items of interest and even how they receive recognition for being a return customer.

Most of our e-commerce sites are built alongside our software engineers, due to the often complex requirements our clients ask from us – what this means for you however, is access to a talented team of software engineers, marketing specialists and website developers all on the one project – we will entertain any suggestion as to how we can challenge the boundaries of delivering something unique and special, and you are therefore invited to set us your challenge!

Website Development by Marketing Experts

With a team of talented designers and developers, using the most up to date platforms, algorithms and marketing trends; everyone of our websites are created so that your information, your sales, your goals are achieved, seamlessly.

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Mobile App Development

“it is time to become an, App-reneur, and we know just how to make that happen”

iOS Mobile APP

The growth of various applications for the iphone has helped broaden our ability to help businesses and individuals to also grow via iPhone Apps. We have the insight, deep understanding and advanced talent in designing and creating exciting and intuitive Apps for iPhone/iPad.

Our unique methodologies, and robust knowledge is something that we consider as one of our competitive advantages.

We are accustomed with the guidelines and procedure required for submission into itunes.

Your Mobile App can be developed to increase business productivity, for entertainment, gaming purpose or to Simplify daily tasks. The applications developed by our developers are made compatible with the latest technologies.

we also acknowledge the cost of building and marketing apps is often considered the greatest impediment, which is why we have in house Crowdfunding experts ready to help you source the investment needed to get you live and marketing in the shortest time possible.

An iOS app:

– Gives an exciting promotion to your business – Connects you with the targeted audience – Improves your relationship with your market – It’s one of the best tools for Marketing of the Modern Era.


  Android App Development

The fastest growing app platform today’s is Android, which provides huge demand for Apps which are specifically developed and designed for Android mobile phones. Our engineers and programmers are experts in Java, XML, framework APIs, Android SDK, Eclipse IDE, native development tools, Android app tools plug-ins etc. to create latest technology and stunning apps.

The Android has proven to be the most versatile operating system across the globe and the reason behind this, is due to it being the most user friendly and its ease of use compared to all the other operating systems, and due to this popularity it has become very crucial to deliver this platform for our consumers app businesses. We have built a number of Apps which are showcased on Google play and our Apps are user friendly, simple yet innovative.

The kind of Applications that we have developed to serve Android Operating System

Application integrated with Map kit

-Applications Integrated with Health Kit

-Social Networking Application

-Travel and Tourism Applications

-Multimedia and Music Applications

We offer personalised Android Application Development Services to both individual and enterprise customers keeping in mind their diverse business needs.

We could profess to be pioneers in the industry, but more realistically, we are among the most reliable android application development companies who always deliver to their promise, and who create stunning apps. We consume the Android SDK platform to create pioneering and dynamic applications for Android mobile devices. Using artistic design and cutting edge technologies our Android app developers have produced some of the best Android apps found on Google Play.

Imagine seeing your app available from the App Store and Google Play Store

Imagine no more, let’s make this a reality

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