Online Digital Marketing January 11, 2016

Turning Websites into Apps

It’s not too long ago when business owners debated just how important it is to have a website. These days, you would hardly find a single person who wouldn’t acknowledge the significance of well-established online presence.

That’s not surprising at all when you consider that online retail sales are predicted to reach $370 billion in 2017.

However, technological progress never stops, and there is already a new strategically important area that demands the full attention of everybody who wants to remain competitive. We are talking of course, about mobile devices.

People are getting more used to using their mobile devices for everything from talking to their friends and family to entertainment and shopping. In fact, adults here in Australia now spend more time online via their phones and tablets than they do on laptops and desktop computers.

This brings up the question of how you can best turn your existing website into a highly functional mobile application, and establish your mobile presence. There are several different ways how you can approach this task. Let’s introduce them one by one to see which is the right one for you.

Use Mobile Web App Frameworks

Mobile web app frameworks are an elegant way how to deploy a single code across multiple platforms. Developers can build your website just once, and easily convert it into a native mobile application. This reduces cost and development time.

The single biggest drawback is the fact that not all native features are available. If you would like your mobile application to have some advanced features, such as 3D graphics and deep system integration, you will need to build a fully native application.

Adobe PhoneGap

Adobe PhoneGap lets you build a mobile application using open web standards; thus cutting down on development time, cost, and complexity. Their free plan lets you build one application to see if it’s the right solution for you. works similarly to Adobe PhoneGap. The service makes it possible to build native iOS and Android application using popular web technologies. Resulting applications support push notifications, analytics, and much more.


Ionic is a whole ecosystem for easy development and deployment of hybrid mobile applications. The best thing about it is that it’s free and open source.

Convert an Existing Website into a Mobile Application

The absolutely simplest way how to turn your existing website into a mobile application is to use one of many available converters. They can do almost everything for you automatically, and easily incorporate push notifications, ads, or social media into your application. All you have to do is enter your website’s URL and configure a handful of easy-to-understand options.


GinWiz is able to convert your website to a professional, mobile site that updates automatically as you publish new content to your website. provides a simple way how to turn your website into a beautiful custom Android and iOS app. The service is very intuitive and user-friendly. It’s free for non-commercial purposes.

Appy Pie

Appy Pie is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) mobile app creation and automatic mobile conversion service that can create apps for all mobile platforms for a very affordable cost.

Build It from Scratch

The last way of getting your website into mobile application stores that we feature in this article is also the most complex one. Building a 100% native mobile application requires time, money, and expertise. If done correctly, the result can pay for itself very quickly.

Your imagination can run free, as you have virtually limitless possibilities when it comes to what exactly you can accomplish and create.

Make sure to hire an experienced mobile developer with a proven track record and the ability to offer you a continuous support in the future. Deploying a half-broken application would result in bad reviews and ultimately hurt your company’s reputation.

These tools all have their pros and cons, and naturally, we would not suggest you go off and randomly start to create free apps, as the results could end up causing you more grief. However, with a carefully planned strategy in how to drive more traffic via mobile devices to your website and or business, we are very confident in you seeing some extremely valuable results.

Feels free to get in touch with our App development team, and see how we can help you right away.


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