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Top 3 Reasons Why Users Uninstall Mobile Apps

It’s one thing to give users enough reasons to install a mobile application, and it’s a totally different thing to convince them to keep it on their device. ITR, a company which specialises in software translation and localisation; recently published results of their study, in which they asked the question, ‘why users uninstall mobile applications’. Here are the results.

The app takes too much storage space

Surprisingly enough, the top reason why people uninstall unwanted applications doesn’t revolve around privacy concerns nor security; the number one reason why people uninstall applications is to free their storage space.

It’s estimated that the average app takes about 10MB, while the average game is probably somewhere around 100MB. When you consider that the biggest AAA titles can take up to several GB of space, it’s no wonder that users have nowhere to store their data.

But how is this information useful for app developers? Well, the smaller the size of your app, the more likely are users to keep in when they decide to do a digital version of spring cleaning. Also, small applications can be easily downloaded over mobile networks, which offers users one more reason to choose your application over the competition.

Intrusive advertising

The advertising industry is big. Very big. In fact, it’s expected to grow from US$68 billion today to over US$167 billion by 2018.  It’s perfectly reasonable for developers to want to generate a revenue from their hard work. Sadly, more often than not, the way in which they decide to implement advertising into their application just ends up alienating the very same people who would otherwise enjoy the application.

Very intrusive forms of advertising, such as full-screen pop-ups, unskippable video ads, and annoying notification messages, are the second biggest reason why users decide to get rid of a particular mobile application. As a result, the developer loses potential revenue, and the user looks for a less annoying alternative.

Mobile ads should always be implemented with a dedication to preserve a great user experience and avoid the introduction of anything that could potentially frustrate the user.

Buggy and slow to respond

Users hate buggy apps. Users also hate apps that are poorly optimised and slow to respond. Modern mobile hardware is capable of a pretty impressive performance, but it still requires a skilled developer to take full advantage of it and provide users with a smooth, bug-free experience. In fact, the average user expects an app to launch just within 2 seconds. If the app feels sluggish or is prone to freezing, it will get uninstalled in the blink of an eye.

Developers should always repeatedly test their applications on several different devices and version of Android operating system. If possible, a closed beta test can help to smooth out any hidden bugs and quirks and ensure fantastic reviews, when the app is finally launched.


As you can see, looking into reasons why users uninstall mobile applications can provide us with plenty of useful information and insight. Going the extra mile when it comes to optimization is the most straightforward way how to make an app stand out from its competition.

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