Branding February 14, 2018

Those DONUTS Though

I am one of those people that bangs on about health and fitness, and healthy eating all the time (I’ve even been called ‘annoying’ at times, would you believe?), so I figured this article would be a good thing to share with you all.


Let’s start with a glazed donut – a delicious, 4 inch circular temptress.

Now with every story about what is good and bad for you, the whole point is about keeping things under control, don’t overdo it, stick to one, don’t touch them at all, ahhhhh, why, leave me be, it’s my life!…..

Donuts contain approximately 255 empty calories – this means that they have pretty much zero nutrients whatsoever, but that’s where the zero stops.

Let’s talk fats, well one of these wee beasties contains around 12g fat, some of which are likely to be saturated fats.

What about protein and carbs? – well 4g of protein on average, and that comes from milk and wheat, so if you’re lactose or grain intolerant, pack your bags now. As for carbs, those nasty things we all talk about, but know little about….well there are 32g of those bad boys packed inside that 4 inch goddess.

But wait, before we move on from our carb buddies, let’s explore them some more – well those carbs are actually refined carbs, meaning they are the ones that cause weight gain, they promote diabetes and also they seriously dislike your heart, or should we say, your heart seriously dislikes them.

Yeah yeah, so how to burn off those calories?

Here are a few things you would need to do to burn off that one donut….really, here we go!

  • Go to a spin class and continuously pedal in RPM for 30 minutes
  • Go for a jog for 40 minutes
  • 75 minutes of yoga
  • 21 minutes of rope skipping

Exhausted, should you stop eating them completely?

Well maybe, no – here’s why.

Within moderation, and yes, you knew that word was coming, having a donut (yes ‘a’ not ‘some’) can have some benefits, partially for those mornings you are struggling to get the brain started.

First thing in the morning, your brain may be a little slow off the starting blocks, and remembering stuff, or concentrating is often a sign that your brain is in need of sugar, or glucose. This is a fuel for the brain to function normally, and guess where that fuel source may come from?…yes, our lady luck donut.

Now, studies have shown that a donut in the morning, may contain one of the important neurotransmitters chemicals called acetylcholine, which is good for memory, your ability to pay attention and your mood.

Now, you might immediately think of one of those morning networking sessions you’ve attended and wondered why they give you baked goods (we still think fruit is a better option)…well now you know, they want you to pay attention, stop yawning and engage (they probably want to be a little naughty too, and get you in the door for guilt free scoffing of things you didn’t buy yourself!)

All we suggest is, walk back to the office afterwards, or get off the train/bus a stop early and walk the rest of the way!

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