Branding August 5, 2017

Keeping it Local

What if we told you, we could get you in front of thousands of local people, immediately?

As business owners, we all strive to get our message out to our local customer targets, and that’s not always easy, particularly so for those industries that are extremely competitive, and thus, becoming just another voice in a noisy market.

Well, by using Facebook (FB), this can be a great deal easier, and very successful.

Let’s take an example to explain, here we will talk about, Len’s Photography (yes, it’s made up)

Len has been in business for 5 years, he mostly does family and wedding photos, but is really keen to do more things, as his weekends are full, but he’s really quiet during the week. Len draws up a business plan for targeting local businesses, suggesting he can take photos for their marketing needs, doing product promotions, taking pictures for companies brochures and websites and so on.

However, Len now needs to let local businesses in the area know quickly about his new services. First, he updates his website, showcasing his new services, talking about the benefits of using him, and includes a couple of testimonials….but now what?

Well, by using FB targeted marketing, Len can immediately get in front of thousands of local business owners at a very low expenditure. Here’s how it works.

By creating a well-structured pictorial add (need to be very careful how you make these, as FB will not post any that break their strict rules, so seek expert help where necessary), he then used clever keyword structures, geographic targets, as well as business targets using the framework in FB advertising to put his ad together. He then used his daily budget to find out how many people he was going to get in front of.

With most targeted marketing, you need to also create an immediate need and solution, otherwise you just become another voice, but a frustrating one, so do not waste this opportunity.

Make sure your ad creates an immediate benefit for the people you will be getting in front of, tell them you know their need, and then tell them how you are going to help resolve that need – this is pretty tough with limited use of words, so again seek expert help here if you want to do this properly.

Using FB reports, Len could see the results in real time, meaning he was able to tweak a few words, or even the time of day when his ad went live on FB.

Len now has started to fill his week day with new corporate clients, corporate clients who saw his ad on their personal timeline in FB and clicked through and made contact with Len.

We have simplified this somewhat, as it was for our example of how this can work, but we are big advocates of using FB for local targeted marketing.

If you would like to explore how ZC can help you achieve similar results to ‘Lens Photography’ please drop us a message and we will get in touch and share some great ideas.

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