Branding April 10, 2018

Custom Built

Build a New house?

Not many people get the opportunity to design and build their own home, and for those fortunate few who do, they really take advantage of such an opportunity. You will rarely find them just shrugging off where they put their kitchen, not caring what sort of views they can command from a window, or what type of tap fittings they have – they will make every effort to ensure they get exactly the home they want, so that it looks and responds to them and their environment perfectly.

This is one of the reasons we only ever design and build custom websites for our clients – it is our way of handing the control over to our client in a way an architect would in the example above. Too many web development firms sell theme or templated websites, and simply drop and place content and photos and hand over something that rarely delivers what the client needs, or indeed what the clients customers need or expect.

We see producing a website in a similar light as building a house – you should be in control, and you should get exactly what you need and want. You want to put the taps on the wall, you get the taps on the wall, you need to knock out a wall for a bigger window, you get the bigger window.

The only difference here, is that we do not command the fee of a traditional custom build, as we have intentionally created a business model that is tailored to our client’s needs, therefore we have established a pricing structure that allows us the opportunity to provide custom builds at a template/theme price – now that is something pretty special.

All new website projects enquiries are completely obligation free, so you really have nothing to lose – complete our estimating questionnaire today, and see what wonderful things we can create together.

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