Business Startup April 12, 2018


BRISBANE: Casting Call – We are working on a project that needs a number of acting models, however, no experience is necessary.

WHERE: Bowen Hills

WHEN: Saturday April 28th 9am 

No spoken lines or sounds, just act out poses, behaviours, activities etc while getting photos taken.

This isn’t a paid gig, but does come with refreshments, a selection of the shots for you to keep or use in a portfolio (if you are an actor/model), and it will be a lot of fun!

All ages, sizes etc welcome as we have many characters roles to fill.

The following are the characters we are on the hunt for, but if you feel you can offer something a little different, please come along anyway.

Please share with friends and family in the Brisbane area.


Mayor Danova – aged around early 50’s

  • Dresses like he’s in the 1970’s
  • Drinks too much and causes drama everywhere he goes
  • Nobody remembers voting him in but never challenges it ‘why bother’









Officer Hader – aged around early 30’s

  • Young guy who even at school wanted to be a cop and used his library card as ID
  • On the face of it, he follows the law, but everyone knows he can be bought

Officer Rogen – aged around late 20’s early 30’s

  • Over weight, scruffy and care free
  • Has been seen drunk and disorderly with Major Danova many times, often driving home in the squad car

Sheedy aged around early 40’s

  • super hot high school drop-out that has somehow done well for herself
  • Drive expensive cars dresses well, but nobody knows how









Salty Rodger aged around early 40’s

  • Owner of the tattoo parlor
  • Notorious for giving bad/misspelled tattoos
  • Hefty, sweaty guy, covered in tats






Mean Mama’s – aged early 30’s

  •          Group of three girls (Molly, Lolli, and Tonya)
  •          Molly is a bit heavier, the muscle
  •          Lolli is always shown with a bright red lollipop, brains of the group
  •          Tonya, the leader, with the tallest hair

Think 60’s girl groups (Rosettes, Supremes) as well as Pink Ladies, Kanker Sisters, Polly Styrene, Runaways, etc, you know the type

Has a bit of a 60’s and 80’s style but with a modern flair (perhaps in the vein of Amy Winehouse)

Marty Fox – aged early 20’s

  • the guy the girls like be he probably prefers boys
  • his dress sense is often confusing and he’s convinced the world is flat








Solo Mod – aged early 20’s

  • wears a parka even in summer time
  • rides a vintage Vespa and always well dressed, very 60’s
  • talks about his Mod friends, yet everyone knows he’s a loner
  • back in high school he was the one that always tried to burn stuff down

Metal heads – aged mid to late 20’s

  • Stuck in the 80’s
  • Spandex, big hair and makeup, yet they’ll be the first in town to start or end a fight







Asian dude, runs a girlie bar – aged early 30’s

  • Always smiling, well-dressed albeit cheap clothes
  • Known as the local scammer, if there been a scam, it’s likely to be him

Beach Girl – 20’s, always wearing shorts and bikini top, even in winter

  • despite her attire, she’s an awesome shop lifter and pick pocket
  • Party girl, so gets away with too much

PLEASE NOTE: we claim no ownership of any of the images used here, and all copyright goes to their natural owners. Used for illustration purposes only.

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