Online Digital Marketing December 12, 2016

A New Way to Sell – Virtually

Property development sales strategies are getting more sophisticated. The market they are now selling to are global, they’re generally technology savvy, and they are also busy.

So what does the industry need to do to keep up?

Virtual reality, or VR as its more generally known, is not necessarily a new technology – think the view finder toys you had back in the 70’s and 80’s, and the opportunity to visit locations, or scenes from movies from looking into the hand held view finder, it was fun right?. Well, the VR technology today is not unlike those toys, except today, the capability to create breath taking, realistic applications, that are viewable from smart phones is what this article is about.

Rather than going into the tech side, I’ll talk about the opportunities instead.

Our VR software engineers are now able to create for our clients, unbelievable and stunning tours of development projects. They can create a ‘true to life’ interactive visual of any soon to be built, or already built location, product or building.

Imagine your prospects having the chance to walk through any of your developments, and see for themselves exactly what is on offer, the rooms, the views from the windows, all the way down to the quality of the fittings and fixtures, all from the other side of the world – well, this is what we can do right now.

If you are not ready to immerse your developments into a full VR experience, we also build.

3D layouts, instead of a blueprint to show all the features of a property. A 3D layout instead of a blueprint means your buyer gets to see a visual of the building or product, including tilt, spin and zoom to get a real feel for what they are going to invest in.

This is particularly popular in the supply chain space too, as procurement teams are able to view products in manufacturing stage, before the shop begins to produce products, the buyers are able to interact, make comments before production runs – this is particularly helpful for souring too.

The opportunities really are endless, and the process itself is not as difficult as it may sound. Our talented and experienced team, makes the process of creating these applications, an exciting and prosperous one.

Feel free to get in touch and lets discuss how we can send your projects and business into the future of marketing.

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